Winters Honey

Posted in Poems with tags , , , , on January 30, 2013 by Nicholas Dement

For the love
upon her honey wind lips
through flame
and lassaration
my arms are reaching for her still.
Above love
and lust
and the stars of dust
that became you and I
My heart was given
for you to hold
in the fragile fold
between us as we kissed
witnessed only by
the winter winds.

© 2013

tree poem


The Riders

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On a bus
the musicians are softly
singing and
beyond the windows pane
they pull down the city
to bring the desperate
into the hands of desperation.
Held upon the blackened crutch
of starvation.
Mocked at the gates
of a carefree bacchanalia.

© 2013

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We Sleep Below The Bridges

Posted in Poems with tags , , on November 8, 2012 by Nicholas Dement
Red collars
blue backs
and the ballot soon to fall will
forget the men who sleep.
It will forget the  silent women.
They will remain unmoved.
Obscured in leisure,
bound in labor
or lost in the howling winds
that sweep below the bridges.
They are preserved in carnality
and caged by capital.
The hoof or the red beast
will not move them and
the ballots of the few
will fall upon those bridges
like another hard rain.
Prey they stay unmoved for
hell united will spill
from their broken cage
and the world outside
tomorrows  window will never
Look as safe
as it looks today
for the red collars
for the blue backs,
ushered by the bankers hand.

Fear reclaims freedoms home.

© 2012

The Lion That Hid In The Weeds

Posted in Poems on May 20, 2012 by Nicholas Dement

The day I was born
I was given a gun
with the intention
it would kill something
one day…
and the day I die
it will.

© 2012
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A Book Bound Red With Lies

Posted in Poems on May 17, 2012 by Nicholas Dement

Of libertine flowers
and the lazy eyes of men
marches a black army.
Where the sigil of the burning tower
shall mark the way
and there will come a day
where the sun will fail to rise
and her voice will be but a whisper in the wind.

© 2012

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What Was Said Before The Lights Went Out

Posted in Poems with tags , , on September 3, 2011 by Nicholas Dement

On the hillside she stood
and with bated breath
told the man with
innocent eyes…
“I am legion”
as flowers spouted from
his chest.
What remained unspoken
was that he needed you
and you needed him.
“On bended knee they adore you
but run from me
and push me back into this dark house
yet, without me

We need each other.”

© 2011

(Photo by Nicholas Dement)

In Equal Quality

Posted in Poems with tags , , on July 26, 2011 by Nicholas Dement

Within the veins
of silver twine
there is the confidence of a golden charm
that will carry the daughters
of queens for many miles over rough seas.
the daughters of peasants
before they swim
are washed in the fear
of the stone brimmed banker
and the landlords dirty hands.

© 2011

(Photo by Nicholas Dement)